World Sickle Cell Day💙

Hey people!

Hear me out!

I couldn’t continue consistently with the Afrobloggers challenge because of circumstances butttt last week was advocacy week and I tried so hard to advocate for one thing that’s really dear to my heart.

I might be a little late but is it ever late to advocate? So, I’m just going to go ahead and tell you what it is!

It is World Sickle Cell Day and there couldn’t have been a better time to say how I feel about this and share some of the questions I have.

Let’s go!

I have always heard of people who live with sickle cell and to be very honest, I didn’t think too much about it. That changed in 2019

I started following Precious Gaza! I loved how articulate she was. How every single tweet and post helped me in every way. I began to love her. One day, I realized that she had sickle cell. Jesus, I was so heartbroken. I was pained.

Precious shares her life living with sickle cell. The experience is painful and I’m putting it mildly here. I’ve cried and prayed because of this.

Now, her talking about it made me care more and worry about other people living with sickle cell.

My mom has a friend who lives with sickle cell and I’ve heard her say that it drains and sucks every single money the person makes. Not to think of the emotional trauma it could be causing.

It pains me that a lot of people live with this. I checked Google and saw that it is also called a “disease”. I tried typing it that way but I couldn’t do that. Is it? Should we call it that?😪

There’s a solution for this but before we go into that, I’d like to state the first and more important thing!!!

Man, woman, boy, girl? Get yourself tested. Please check your genotype. Know your genotype. You do not want to be the reason a child is born into this world to suffer pain. I will not be able to live with myself if I ever do that.

Here’s a compatibility list so you don’t birth a sickle cell baby;

That said, here’s the solution to sickle cell.

Bone marrow transplant

Three words. These three words hurt me even more. Why?

It ranges from $100,000- $350,000 to get a bone marrow transplant!!!!

Did you read that? Yeah, you read that right. It costs that much for a human being like you and me to feel better and healthy. It sucks, I know.

Why is it so expensive? I have asked myself this question so many times! It so so painful to see that for a person to want to live healthily they have to pay so much money for that😪

It is so sad that the health care system is so expensive.

If we want to go on, you’d be so sad and sick of how the health care system work.

Below are links for you to know more about this

Sickle Cell Facts

Genotype Compatibility .

Now, there’s something you can do. Please. Since the health care system has to be this expensive, Precious’s friends created a gofundme account for this cause.

They tagged it #BMTForPreshGaza.
They are looking to raise $200,000 for Precious to get a bone marrow transplant. This is what has been raised so far. See the picture below.

Please, help Precious get a bone marrow transplant. She has so much energy. I’ve met her just once and she’s so lovely. The work that she does living with sickle cell will tremendously increase after this is done.

Would you like to donate? Here’s the link to do that.
Click HERE

Do you want to know more about Precious Gaza?

Find her on IG and Twitter @preshgaza

Follow the movement #BMTForPreshGaza too

Hey warrior, I want you to know that I love you, and I understand that some days it’s extremely unbearable for you.

I’m sorry that you have to go through this. I apologize on behalf of the health care system. They didn’t have to make it so expensive to be treated but they did.

You’re a warrior! Fighting through life strongly and I celebrate YOU! 💙💙💙💙💙

If you’ve ever lost anyone to sickle cell, my condolences.

Remember, know how compatible you are with your partner before you guys hit it. I’d be mad at parents if I see that 2-5 years from now children are living with sickle cell.

Let’s do better, please.

Also, note that I am not in any way related to medical practices. I am just a girl who is concerned and not happy about this.

People shouldn’t live with sickle cell and if you can help prevent this, you should do it.

Thank you.

Love, Sylvia Ideh💙

On Being A Creative💙- #WinterABC2021 Day 4

So, you think I missed posting on Day 2 of the #WinterABC2021 challenge on purpose?

Well, here’s what really happened.

I am a very spontaneous person. I like to create in the moment. In the now. And I work with ginger(energy) so when that ginger comes, I pick up my journal and write or I just type with my phone.

I picked up my phone that day on day 2 to create a blog post. I finished typing and as I wanted to design on Canva, there was a pause in data connection. Hmmmmmm

I knew what it was oh but I was praying that it wasn’t what I thought so I dialed *140# to check my data balance and it read zero. Ah! Well done, Airtel! Well done! 

To maintain peace and calm, I didn’t fuss too much. I quietly put off my data and saved the post as a draft on WordPress.

That meant that I couldn’t create a cover or post and meant that I forfeited one day and Lord knows that wasn’t my intention. But then Afrobloggers said that I had to post at most 18 times out of 22 so that helped calm me down. I was like oh, it’s one day out and silently said a prayer that there be no hitch asides this one cause I am committed to killing it with this challenge. Joo get?🤗

You see, being a creative means that the unexpected could happen. The network provider can decide to be mad that day. I mean, this one I use has been sucking my data with a straw. I can’t do something for 30 mins and not have them say you have 500MB remaining and in minutes have them tell me that my data has been exhausted. It’s annoying honestly!

One time, it was electricity issues. I registered for a class that would help me be a better creative but the power company decided to frustrate me. Of 7 days, I was only active in class 2-3 times other times I had to catch up after the class and that was very difficult for me.

Asking questions after a class ended and seeing comments from other students was overwhelming so sometimes, I let it be and just grabbed whatever was taught in class.

Sometimes it’s my head telling me things that make me worry. Things like; You think you’re good enough? Who wants to read what you write? You are not consistent, you think you can just go off and come back and people would like that?

It tells me these things sometimes especially that consistency part and it’s what made me take on this challenge after weeks of being off blogging but seeing everything happen on Afrobloggers.

I was like, it’s time to get rid of this guilt I feel every time I go off and come back on.

You know that verse in the Bible where God urged us to make him proud so that he can give a reply to the one taunting Him; satan? This Bible verse.

Well, that’s what I hope to do. Kill it with this challenge, be consistent and when that voice comes, I’d rebuke it because I have been consistent enough and better than I used to be.

Nuh ahn, not this time satan. You lose! You been losing! You stay losing!

At this point, I do not know what more to say/write so I’ll just leave three notes. Things that have helped me and still do.

• Have no shame- Yes, I am not consistent but I keep going on and off. It’s better than being off the entire time but there’s something much better and that’s being onnnnnn. So yeah, have no shame, take your time and watch you grow.

• Do not kill yourself over things you cannot control- Coming from an overthinker, it sounds like a joke. Lmao! But yeah, the times that I have tried to not make a fuss about things not going how I expected, it felt really good and in retrospect, things turned out nicely!

• Be you- On this creative journey, there are thousands, in fact, millions of people on it so being skeptical about what you bring to the table or how you should come to the table is what might keep you on the fence forever.

Wake up, get up, and be you! You see people making really badass content or writing with grammar well constructed, bruh, chill. Maybe yours is to talk to us like we’re children. Maybe your content isn’t meant to be that way so, sit back, relax, and serve us YOUR content. Find out who you are and be uniquely you, baby!!

I leave you with this tweet.

Love, Sylvia Ideh💙

Yo! It’s the end of creatives week and I promised to share an update on why I was off blogging for weeks. Care to know why, check in tomorrow.

Five Reason Why I Became A Blogger- #WinterABC2021 Day 3

It’s day 3 of the #WinterABC2021 and it’s creatives’ week and I thought what better day to tell you why I became a blogger than today! Hmmm

Okayyyyy, you wanna know why? Let’s go!

Five reasons why I became a blogger;

1. I wasn’t doing anything.

In 2019, my mum looked at me one day and said “you learned how to sew but one cloth you never sew. Wasted my money”.

Ahhh!! It hurt me so much ehn that I sat down to examine my life. I picked up my journal and wrote stuff.

I’ve always loved journaling but that day I wanted to do more with writing so I think I googled and saw WordPress. I created a site immediately. That’s that for that.

2. I felt like my experiences and thoughts were somehow meant to make someone feel better.

I wrote my thoughts and how I felt mostly at that time. I didn’t know how to open my mouth to say it so all I did was write. My journal was my close companion. If anything happened, I wrote it down.

But yeah, I created a site that would enable me to reach a lot more people than usual. It meant that my journal and I were no longer the only ones seeing and knowing what was happening in my life.

At the time I created the blog, I wasn’t so interested in the numbers. I was still scared.

I started sharing my thoughts, experiences, and fiction one post at a time. I do not know where the writing fiction part of me went but I need her back or maybe not. Lol

3. Google said there’s money involved😉


Remember, I was examining my life and what my mum told me. I was 19! She wasn’t wrong. I had to start thinking of ways to take care of myself.

So when I saw that blogging could pay, I hopped on it! I couldn’t afford to buy a domain though as I read that was the only way to make money off blogging so I started with because it was an exciting thing to do.

4. To meet YOU

Socializing is not my skill. I do not know how to socialize very well. But writing was different. You could read my writing and think that I am the bomb. I am though there’s no disputing that😂

But, I can be socially awkward sometimes so I chose to create this space to meet YOU. To get to know you and for you to get to know me.

I would say that I have met people but my inability to keep up with people is what has cost me some really good connection and I am trying to change that.

I see you guys on the Afrobloggers WhatsApp group vibing and talking like y’all know each other and I’m just reading and admiring because God knows I do not have the mind yet to talk in group chats even when I badly want to. Hahaha!

Teach me how, oh Sensei. T for thanks!

5. Errrrrrrrr.

I want to know why you became a blogger or for the sake of this #WinterABC2021 challenge why you became a creative. Tell me one reason in the comment section.

Write you tomorrow. Thank you for reading

Love, Sylvia Ideh💙

My Entry for Afrobloggers #WinterABC2021 Festival – Day 1

I’ve been off blogging for about almost two months now. I want to give you the entire gist but right now, I’m participating in a challenge that only lets me off on weekends. Maybe I’ll spill the tea on Saturday or Sunday.

Now back to the challenge.

It’s the #Afrobloggers #WinterABC2021 festival.

What is it about?👇🏼

So, I realized that I had stayed off my blog for too long and I hadn’t even checked on the community that has helped me grow and has made my blog visible to hundreds of people.

That day, I decided to visit Afrobloggers on Instagram. That was the day I saw this challenge. It read that it is a 22-day content publishing challenge and there would be a reward at the end of the challenge.

It was like the universe wanted me to do something about it! I had cried days before about how inconsistent I am and how I was looking for ways to change that and voila! I saw the #WinterABC2021 festival on their page.

I read what it entailed and I registered immediately! I didn’t want to mess up! I was in high spirits😂

Well, while I am in this #WinterABC2021 to challenge inconsistency, bruhhhh, I’m in it for the reward too! Making 100$ for sharing my writing isn’t such a bad idea! Money is good so let’s not pretend like we’re not in it for the money too, jooget?😉


What do I expected to do?- I have to make posts on every given day and there are themes attached to it.

These are the weeks and themes;

June 1st-4th is creatives week. I’ve decided that I’d share with you all there is to being a creative. All there is to be an African(Nigerian) creative/blogger.

June 7th-11th is Advocacy week. For this week, I’d share the things and happenings that I feel need urgent attention. I fight for what I believe and raise awareness on topics that are dear to my heart.

June 14th-18th is Business and Tech week. To be honest, I have no idea what I am going to talk about yet but I’m counting on ideas to pop up so that I can publish posts these days. Posts on Business and Tech.

June 21st-25th is Culture and Fashion Week. Interesting!! For this, I’d be doing my research. I am from Igbanke in Edo, Nigeria and I’ve never thought it necessary to know what my culture is or how our fashion sense is. So, I’ll be researching for this. Thanks to Afrobloggers! Y’all have pushed this young woman to know more about her culture 🤗

June 28th-30th is Storytelling week!!!!! Now, this is my specialty!!! This girl can give gist for Africa. I write stories pretty well. Now note that this is going to be mainly personal and non-fiction stories as I am a lifestyle blogger but you’re going to enjoy reading every single post. I promise you.

I am excited about this! I am challenging myself to do and be better by fighting inconsistency.

Thank you, Afrobloggers for this opportunity you created for African creatives to write and share stories from different parts of the world. This festival is a blessing! Believe me🤗

Here’s to all participants of this challenge.

We will start and finish. For those like me who want to battle inconsistency, we will win!


Love, Sylvia Ideh💙

Trips: My Period Story.

I’ve been in pains for one whole week for a period that hasn’t even come. So, yes I am ranting, and sharing my period story here.

This is a love-hate relationship here boo. I love that this process makes me a woman and I’m able to bear children but I hate that it has to be so painful!! Like why, God? E nor necessary like that na.

Well, I have gist to share.

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Taking Stock: March 2021

Hiya! Sylvia here! It’s been a while since I wrote to YOU. It’s been really stressful for me. Adjusting to new things and putting new things on my calendar.

I wanted to make excuses for taking stock of March but it’s something I’m committed to doing so I’m not going to flop like a flip flop. Lmao!

Anyhoo, I’m here to tell you how March was for me! Let’s go!

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Trips: The Time I Gave A Motorcyclist N1040 Instead Of N50

One time, I was supposed to give a motorcyclist N20, N20, and N10 which sums to N50 but I gave him N20, N20, and N1,000 instead. It wasn’t until I got to the market stall that I realized what happened. Ah!!!

Here for the gist? It’s a good thing I like spilling tea! Let’s go!

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What’s On My Mind (1): Confidence!

One time, I wore an outfit, and I kept looking at myself in the mirror one kain and I remember my mum saying this;”It is not the clothe you wear, it’s the confidence you wear it with”My brother and I went “rahhhhhh” 😅

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Trips: On Being “Girly”

Growing up, I loved being “girly” and then hated it. I felt somehow about it but recently, I’ve decided to live my life intentionally and not have regrets about the things I could have done but didn’t. Being “girly” is one of those things so, here’s a blog post on this journey.

Oh! You’re here for the gist?! Well, It’s a good thing I like spilling tea. LOL. Let’s go!

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2021! Let’s Get It!

I was scrolling through my drafts here on WordPress and I realized that this post didn’t go up! How?? Why?? So, I decided to put it out!

I read it again and it just feels like I am still living in the circumstances that I hoped would be better but heyyy, I have seen improvements and I am proud!

I’ll let you read the draft now.

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