Trips: My Period Story.

I’ve been in pains for one whole week for a period that hasn’t even come. So, yes I am ranting, and sharing my period story here.

This is a love-hate relationship here boo. I love that this process makes me a woman and I’m able to bear children but I hate that it has to be so painful!! Like why, God? E nor necessary like that na.

Well, I have gist to share.

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Taking Stock: March 2021

Hiya! Sylvia here! It’s been a while since I wrote to YOU. It’s been really stressful for me. Adjusting to new things and putting new things on my calendar.

I wanted to make excuses for taking stock of March but it’s something I’m committed to doing so I’m not going to flop like a flip flop. Lmao!

Anyhoo, I’m here to tell you how March was for me! Let’s go!

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Trips: The Time I Gave A Motorcyclist N1040 Instead Of N50

One time, I was supposed to give a motorcyclist N20, N20, and N10 which sums to N50 but I gave him N20, N20, and N1,000 instead. It wasn’t until I got to the market stall that I realized what happened. Ah!!!

Here for the gist? It’s a good thing I like spilling tea! Let’s go!

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What’s On My Mind (1): Confidence!

One time, I wore an outfit, and I kept looking at myself in the mirror one kain and I remember my mum saying this;”It is not the clothe you wear, it’s the confidence you wear it with”My brother and I went “rahhhhhh” 😅

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Trips: On Being “Girly”

Growing up, I loved being “girly” and then hated it. I felt somehow about it but recently, I’ve decided to live my life intentionally and not have regrets about the things I could have done but didn’t. Being “girly” is one of those things so, here’s a blog post on this journey.

Oh! You’re here for the gist?! Well, It’s a good thing I like spilling tea. LOL. Let’s go!

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2021! Let’s Get It!

I was scrolling through my drafts here on WordPress and I realized that this post didn’t go up! How?? Why?? So, I decided to put it out!

I read it again and it just feels like I am still living in the circumstances that I hoped would be better but heyyy, I have seen improvements and I am proud!

I’ll let you read the draft now.

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Taking Stock: February, 2021

Hey Fam! I’ve been away for a while(I’m always away, pray for me. I struggle to be consistent😭). I’ve been writing exams and honestly, living life and enjoying it but I’m here now to give you a breakdown of what February was like for me. Okay? Let’s go!!

February! The month of love! The month school resumed and exams started almost immediately(I’m done now, so, phew!) My birth month! The month I shot my shot and lost the shot(that’s gist for another blog post). During the month, a lot happened. But that’s why I’m here. To tell you everything!

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My Travel Experience With A Crazy Driver

Traveling by road in Nigeria is already crazy, in fact, thinking about it gives me a headache but when you add a crazy driver into this mix, ah! That’s double the headache, the fear, and the prayer.Hi, I’m Sylvia and this is my travel experience with a crazy driver.Before we go on, mask up! You’re in for a ride!

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I Shot My Shot….Did He Ignore It?

You know that song “about a month ago I sent you a DM, about a month ago o I shot my shot and you ignored it, now valentine is coming, where is your boyfriend?” Yes! This song? Oh well, I shot my shot, did he ignore it😬 I’m here to spill the tea! Let’s go!!!

Back story first abeg so that you guys will understand the gist!

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Taking Stock: January 2021

Halos!!! Happy New Month!!!!

Well, after seventy-seven years since my last post, I’ve decided to come back and write one. Hehe!

Taking a cue from Rachel, I’ll be taking stock of January in this blog post. Okay, let’s go!

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