My Travel Experience With A Crazy Driver

Traveling by road in Nigeria is already crazy, in fact, thinking about it gives me a headache but when you add a crazy driver into this mix, ah! That’s double the headache, the fear, and the prayer.

Hi, I’m Sylvia and this is my travel experience with a crazy driver.

Before we go on, mask up! You’re in for a ride!

So, school resumed on February 1st and we(my brothers and I. We go to the same school) had been contemplating when to go to school. We finally decided to leave Abuja for school on Friday 5th of February.

My mum didn’t even think of going to a transport company because the prices would have been wayyy too much! So, we drove down to this place Gwagwalada, and thankfully found a driver headed our way. Oh, glory to Jesus! We got in the vehicle and settled down. Little did I know that I was in for a CRAZY ride with this driver.

First, I noticed that he was the kind of driver that’d drive at high speed but it didn’t bother me at all. In my head, it’s better, we’ll arrive on time. We got to this place where there was traffic, at this point sef, we had not even left Gwagwalada, next thing, he was already insulting other drivers who failed to move. Ah!!! Yudonmint?!. I didn’t like it but again, it didn’t bother me. I kept quiet.

After some minutes, he opened a bottle of origin(it is an alcoholic drink). Okay, at this point, I was very bothered but hey, I couldn’t do anything! We were in, we were in. I couldn’t change it. Before I knew what was happening, he offered me an orange. I thought that was very weird considering the things that I heard him say and how he acted. I declined.

When we got to the highway, ahhhhhh, that was when I had my heart in my hand😭😭 This man drove at a very high speed, overtaking anyone who drove too slow for his liking and as he passed, he’d insult the driver. He even said this once “you nor sabi road? Black monkey”. Omo!! Who send my mama put me and my brothers for this kain motor na?”

At every overtaking, I held the car seat so tight and said a silent prayer. Fam, it was scaryyy, I couldn’t record how he overtook every car and truck, you know, those mighty trucks. I have this video though

Nigeria and bad roads!!😒

This driver went through anyhow. It was as if he didn’t care that we were inside the car. He just drove anyhow. As if the crazy driving wasn’t enough, the driver and one of the passengers, a man, kept talking about women. Their experiences with women.

The driver said one day he was toasting a girl and as he was there, his wife caught him. I was like what??? You mean you have a wife and you say all this nonsense about women and frolick up and down?” I was shocked! The other passenger talked about how he gave this girl in Bayelsa 20,000 naira and she stayed with him for three weeks. He went on further to give this advice “If a woman asks you for something, don’t give her immediately. Make sure she waits then give her like three days later and you’ll see that she’ll have respect for you”.

A capsized truck

Fam, I was so upset that they talked about women so lowly. It was painful to listen to. I was the only woman in the vehicle. Their words annoyed me so much eh! All I could do was say nothing and record their conversation.

The journey was exhausting! The roads are terrible, the driver was crazy but swift and well experienced. The experienced part and God being our protector is the only thing that didn’t cause accidents if not, there were times I saw it in my face. The way he brushed past trucks and cars was scary.

Fam!! It hurt so much but I am grateful to God that we arrived at school safely. And I have to give credit to SUKUK funded roads! They are so smooth. Driving past there was soothing. They are doing a great job! And oh, here’s a little about SUKUK

Have you ever had a travel experience with a crazy driver? Care to summarize in the comment section? I’d love to hear it!

I Shot My Shot….Did He Ignore It?

You know that song “about a month ago I sent you a DM, about a month ago o I shot my shot and you ignored it, now valentine is coming, where is your boyfriend?” Yes! This song? Oh well, I shot my shot, did he ignore it😬 I’m here to spill the tea! Let’s go!!!

Back story first abeg so that you guys will understand the gist!

My church had this 2-day program give God the highest praise and being a chorister meant that I’d be at the forefront. Well, it’s church that I came to oh but my eyes caught something sorry someone. I wanted to rebuke my eyes but guyyy it was God that put feelings in me and I’m double sure that he is not against it.

I didn’t dwell too much on it sha. I jejely faced front.

At the end of the show for that day, I walked past him and I greeted him good evening and yo fam, he replied good evening. Asides from that good evening, good evening, we didn’t say anything else.

The next day, our eyes met countless times, wait, even on the first day. Maybe it was my head and eye messing with me but do I care?? All I know is, we looked at each other several times.

Okay, the show ended that day, the last day. I sat somewhere and he stood right beside me. In my head guy, I greeted you the other night, will you die if you greet me this night?”😒😒 But I get it. My facial expressions don’t say when I like someone. I look unfriendly but I’m not. So, it didn’t beat me.

Honestly, seeing him walk up and down that day, made me feel the way I did in primary school. You know all that lovey lovey feeling. Yeah!

It was time to go home. I didn’t have his number. I wanted to faint o. I got to the car and I literally wanted to run out to the field and shout give me your number!!! I need it!!! But, I was too shy so, I went home. I chatted this other guy up, he gave me his number and after I published that blog post on Monday, I sent him this!

He says that my shot is smooth.

I’ve never shot a shot before and doing this was bold of me. I do not regret it. I asked that we be friends first. Let’s see how it goes from here.

Whatever will be, will be.

Also, I want to apologize to anyone who thought that I was gonna shoot a straight be my boyfriend shot. Ahhhh. It’s step by step na. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, please.

Soo, I shot my shot…did he ignore it? Nah, he didn’t!😅 We’re friends now.

Love, Sylvia.

Taking Stock: January 2021

Halos!!! Happy New Month!!!!

Well, after seventy-seven years since my last post, I’ve decided to come back and write one. Hehe!

Taking a cue from Rachel, I’ll be taking stock of January in this blog post. Okay, let’s go!

Honestly, I was pumped up for this year. At the beginning of January, I’d hope that it’ll be a great year for me. It’s looking like it but then there’s sometimes something hits me and I’m down questioning everything again. Mehn! It’s a struggle but we move! Somebody say no to the devil! He can’t

Last month was the month of work, work, work! I made quite a number of clothes than I’ve ever before. It felt great working to earn my money but then it was so tiring that I had to do this alone😩 I cut the clothes myself, I went out to purchase sewing materials, I did everything myself. Phew! Tiring but rewarding and satisfying. Here’s a little of what I did.

I had hopes of reading at least one book last month but I couldn’t! In my life, I think I’ve only read like three books from start to finish and they are the last black unicorn by Tiffany Haddish, think big by Ben Carson, and steal like an artist by Austin Kleon. These are the only books I’ve read from start to finish, others, I just start and not finish. Sigh, I’m doing better this year o. I have over twenty-five books on my phone, I have to read them.

I was probably the most stubborn person last month. I don’t know, I was just tired. I want to leave my house sometimes and breathe fresh air. I love my family but sometimes my brothers especially drive me crazy. I questioned everything ehn, everything! There have to be changes made this year. We will not do the normal, please.

I finally accepted that money kinda has no value. I mean, I could have five thousand nairas, money that I probably had to sew a dress two days for, and in minutes, it’s gone. Just at the mention of “madam, give me palm oil, garri(cassava flakes), beans, and all the others. Wawu! I can’t wait to be very rich so spending money doesn’t bother me😒

This girl was consistent with church! Well, except for the time I didn’t attend one midweek service and that was it. It’s the most consistent I’ve ever been and it amazes me that I’m this consistent. It just shows me that I can do things, change things to be how I want it.

I lived carefreely. I did the things I wanted to do. I danced in church without caring who was looking. I sang my heart out in church, I let my voice out! I just joined this choir and sometimes when I saw the people who are the front liners, I was jealous and I’d hear in my ear “you’re better than they are” boy did I shake that off. Everything’s a process. I’ll get there eventually but for now, let me stick to singing in the background and growing. Aii? Aii!

I binge-watched the how to get away with murder series. I watched soul the movie and I gave a review(well, more like spilled the tea plus lessons) here. . I watched this movie after we collided and I have to say it’s the most creepy movie I’ve ever seen or let me just say it’s one of the creepy movies I’ve seen. It’s the first movie I didn’t feel good about watching a sex scene. It was creepy and I just kept skipping the entire thing. The movie was boring maybe I should write a review about it. I should, I must. I also started watching this series with my brother Divine. It’s titled the blacklist. I love this series. I started at season three but who cares, hehe! My favorite character is Reddington. I love that old man.

I attended my church’ concert give God the highest praise. It was interesting, I danced, I sang, I prayed to God and enjoyed every minute. I met with G-wills, Samsong, and some amazing people. I have to say that G-wills is amazing!!!! That man carries the entire crowd with him. His session was the best for me. It was interesting! Gosh! I loved it! Pictures from the concert. Yeah, I’m a chorister. See me?

Well, in the final hours of January 31st, 2021, I felt a way I haven’t felt in a long time. I saw this guy and I couldn’t talk to him but guyyy, we were giving each other signs abeg, we were connecting spiritually. When the show ended, I wanted to go talk to him but who dash me mind na?😅 Anyhoo, I’d like to be friends with him, so, I asked for his number, and today, I’ll be shooting my shot. Yes! I, Sylvia, will be shooting her shot. It’s my year of doing unusual things. PS, would you shame a woman for shooting her shot? For asking a guy to be her friend? I‘d love to read your thoughts.

Soo, this is the end. This was my life in January.

Wait, wait, wait!!!!!! I want to add that this girl SYLVIA IDEH is an award-nominated blogger!!! It came as a shock to me but I deserve it sha. I’ve done well. I’m doing well! I was nominated for the best blog in the LIFESTYLE CATEGORY here’s the link to vote. Shout out to Afrobloggers for connecting African bloggers. Thank you guys so much!!

Okay, talk/write to you in my next blog post. Hopefully, it’s not seventy seven years later.


It’s also my birth month. My birthday’s on the 25th!!

Five YouTube Channels You Should Subscribe To.

Being the Youtube fan that I am, I couldn’t keep these Youtube channels to myself! I had to share them with you.

I love, love YouTube and over the years, there are YouTubers that I constantly follow. So, in this blog post, I’ll be sharing with you 5 YouTube channels you should binge on!

Okay, let’s go!!

First on my list is Transformation Church.

TC as we like to call it is an online church. Not like they do not have a physical church, they put it online too for people like me who are not in Tulsa Oklahoma.

Pastor Mike and Natalie Todd are the heads of the church. When I watch Pastor Mike’s sermon, it just changes everything for me. His illustrations are dope, his teachings are very understandable, then his gestures are just funny especially when he claps, lol. But all of these things make me love him.

I watched the church’s year in review and made me cry and believe strongly that there is God and He uses people to do great things! God is EXCELLENT!

Find Transformation Church here

Second on my list is Tolulope Solutions!

Oh my Lord! I love solutions mama! I love mommy vloggers. I want to be a mommy vlogger so, I follow the best! Tolulope solutions vlogs about faith, motherhood, and lifestyle.

I can’t even remember when or how I found her channel but I’ve been in love since then. I like that she’s not boring! She’s a vibe and when she brings her husband on the channel, that’s double the vibe! She has a daughter Soteria. She’s the cutest.

Tolulope Solutions is so good that she shared with us things we can do in 2021 to make money. Here’s the link to binge on her channel.

Find Tolulope Solutions here.

Third, on my list is Princess Audu.

Princess Audu is a fashion, faith, and lifestyle vlogger. I love her channel. I think it’s her accent for me. Haha! She speaks so well.

Her videos are well lit and she shows us how to style clothes modestly, takes us on a ride with her to new places in Abuja, lets us in on her activities as a content creator. Princess is a STYLIST! She dresses so well. Her style is out of this world. She mixes prints and they come out amazing! One time, I saw that she wore polka dots on polka dots. Now, that was beautiful. I’ve been wanting to try it out and I should one of these days. She shares her faith too!

She has about 1.2k subscribers right now. Please, visit her YT channel, watch videos, leave a comment and tell her you visited cause I recommended it. Thank you!

Find Princess’s channel here.

Fourth on my list is 5 Minute Craft

Goshhhhh!!! I watch videos on this channel to get all the inspiration that I’ll probably never use. Lol. I just like the way I feel when I watch them.

I learn new things, how to revamp my jean trousers, ways to do stuff, how to style clothing, and a lot of other stuff.

Visit their channel here.

Fifth on my list is Ndani Tv X Red Tv

If you know me, you know that I love watching movies and series. These channels host talk shows, conduct interviews but the only thing I’m there for is the series!!!

Ndani TV has this series skinny girl in transit. It’s about a plus-size lady whos looking for love and it comes with showcasing her life, family, and everything.

The rating is 8/10.

Red Tv has The Men’s Club. It’s about four friends and how they navigate. When I found this series out, I binge-watched season 1-2 in one week. It is that interesting!!

There are a lot of channels on Youtube that I enjoy watching their content I thought to share five well, six with you.

Which are you likely to check and subscribe to? Are there any Youtube channel you’d like me to check out? Do you have a YT channel? Leave the link below. If I like your content, I’ll subscribe, I promise.

Movie Review + Lessons I Learnt From Watching The Animated Movie SOUL.

Hiya! How are you?

When I saw the trailer for the movie Soul, I just knew that I’d watch it when it was eventually released. The trailer was eye candy! So, I watched the movie and have decided to give you a reason to watch it or not.


Synopsis: Joe Gardner a middle school music teacher wants more for himself other than teaching music and going on numerous gigs. He finally gets the gig he’s been praying for but something happens. He has an accident and his soul is transported to the great beyond and from there, the great before where he meets 22 a soul who has been in the great before for years, his experience with her changes his life for good.

Why am I writing this?: It’s a movie worth 1hr 40 mins of your time. There are so many lessons. I’ll highlight them later. For now, let’s go!!!

The movie starts with Joe Gardner(Jamie Foxx) in class directing his students to play their instruments. When he calls a student Connie to play the trombone, she plays it so well and gets lost in the moment almost as if she was in her world. When she comes back to reality, the other students laugh at her but Joe says that it’s okay. This is where the trailer’s scene comes into play. Joe tells them the story of when his father took him to a jazz club even when he didn’t want to be there but when he heard the pianist play, he(Joe) knew he was born to play.

Joe’s story was cut short when Principal Aroyo knocks on his door to deliver the “good news” that he’s been made the school’s full-time music teacher. I’d be excited but Joe wasn’t and that’s why the good news is in quotes.

Joe tells his mom(Phylicia Rashad) and she’s excited mainly because she’s tired of all the gigs Joe has had to go to that do not yield good results. With this job, he gets money and all the benefit that comes with it. While they’re still talking, he gets a call from his old student Curly(Questlove). He says that he has a spot for him to be Dorothea Williams’ pianist. Now, Joe has been looking forward to this almost all his life. The Dorothea Williams!

He runs to the venue excited and when he gets there, his eyes were lit! But Dorothea’s reaction was “mehhh”. I don’t know how Joe was still standing because her look was scary. See for yourself.

I’d be scared scared if I were Joe.

He plays and gets the gig and as he excitedly walks home his life changes. He walked into a hole causing an accident that made him unconscious and his soul is transported to the great beyond- a place for the dead. Joe couldn’t die now, not on the day he gets the gig of his life!

Next thing, he’s in this place, on a walkway, with a bright big ball of light in front of him and he as a blue creature. When he realizes that entering into the light meant dying, he runs in the opposite direction and falls into the great before- a place where souls are groomed to go to earth. Here he takes on a false identity as Dr. Borgensson and is paired with 22(Tina Fey)- a soul who’s stayed there for years refusing to go to earth-at the You seminar- this is where a mentor(person who’s already dead) trains a younger soul to get an earthly pass. Funny concept but yeah, we’re allowed to imagine.

Joe and 22 devise a plan to try everything to get that earthly pass for himself since 22 didn’t want it. They try everything but 22 doesn’t get that “spark”. It was time to get Joe back to the great beyond but 22 was enthusiastic about getting that pass and Jerry(Alice Bargas) who works in the great before allows it.

Joe and 22 meet Moonwind to get Joe’s soul back in his body. They try meditation and while they’re at it, Joe sees himself and a cat in a hospital fighting for his life and hurriedly jumps in taking 22 with him.

When they get to earth, 22’s soul is now in Joe’s body and Joe’s soul in the cat. They have to navigate and find a way to get Joe back in his body because he had that gig to get to.

When Joe who’s in the cat tries to give his body a haircut, he took a huge part off and spoils everything. What did he think? That he could cut his hair as a cat? Hilarious!

My favorite scene

Anyway, he and 22 went to Dez’s(Donnel Rawlings) barbers shop to fix what the cat had done. When they’re in there, 22 who’s in Joe’s body couldn’t stop talking. She talked and talked and brought up the topic about purpose and Dez says that he didn’t want to be a barber, he wanted to be a veterinarian. 22 mistook this as Dez being unhappy but Dez corrected her. Even if he didn’t want this path, it didn’t mean that he was unhappy. When he was done getting a haircut, Dez said he enjoyed the conversation they had and 22 asked why they never talked before and Dez says “you never asked”.

Joe and 22 meet up with Moonwind to have Joe back in his body but 22 refuses. She likes earth now and wants to live in it. As Joe and 22runs, they run into the great beyond because Terry(Rachel House) an overzealous worker noticed that a soul was missing and came to earth to take it back. Yes, that soul is Joe.

Joe eventually gets the earth pass from 22 and gets back in his body. He went to the jazz club and played with Dorothea and the band. After the show, Joe asked, “what now?”. He expected to feel a spark since he had fulfilled his life long dream, his purpose. He didn’t feel anything.

Joe goes home feeling empty. He plays the piano and while he’s playing, he remembers 22 and all the not so little things that made her happy- walking, eating pizza for the first time, being able to feel, the conversation with Dez.

He goes back into the great before to give 22 the earthy pass since he thought she deserved it more but 22’s now a sad lost soul. He gets her out of that state and gives her the earthly pass. He gave up his life for 22.

The great before has a gift for him. They give him an earthly pass for his good act and Jerry asks him “what are you going to do now?” Joe says and I quote “I’m not sure but I do know that I’m going to live every minute of it”.

The End.

What I’d have loved to see

• Joe’s student Connie went to his house confused about doing music. 22 who was in Joe’s body at the time told her to continue playing because she’s good at it. I would have loved to see how Connie turned out but hey, she’s not the main character.

• When 22 was sent to earth, I’d have loved to see whose body she attained and how her life panned out.

Lessons from this movie

• Sometimes, we’re too big on purpose that we forget to enjoy the process. We’re only thinking of the purpose but forget that to get to that purpose we have to take steps. Live your life before you get to that purpose.

• Do not be like Joe. Do not be that person who only rumbles about themselves all the time. Be like 22, care for others, care enough to know what’s going on in their lives.

• Do not assume that a person is unhappy because they’re not working their dream jobs. Don’t be like 22 who thought Dez was unhappy.

• Be like 22 sometimes. Love the ” little” things. And if you like simple, own it.

• Life is life. Things happen.

• LIve life. Live every minute of it!

• Fight for what you want the way Joe fought when he didn’t want to die.

Like I always say when I give advice or share lessons, this is a note to self.

Rating: 7/10.

Cast: Jamie Foxx, Tina Fey, Phylicia Rashad, Angela Bassett, Quest love, Rachel House, Daveed Diggs, Daniel Rawlings, Alice Barga.

Love, Sylvia.

Review : 2020

Happy New Year!!!!!

I pray that this year brings you good things!

I’ve been contemplating publishing a post reviewing 2020 and I just picked my phone now and wrote this post. (I love spontaneity)

This was my 2020 in one post. Enjoy!

• On January 8th, I resumed school. Continue reading “Review : 2020”

How Do You Do It?- A Piece That Questions Rapists And Rape Apologists.

How do you do it?
How do you see me walking on the street and decide to have impromptu sex with me?
Or was it premeditated?

How do you do it?
How do you start touching me inappropriately when you’ve only met me for the first time which may probably be the last!Continue reading “How Do You Do It?- A Piece That Questions Rapists And Rape Apologists.”

Merry Christmas! What Christmas 2020 Was Like For Me. Blogmas Day 6

Hiya! Season greetings. Merry Christmas. Compliment of the season. Take everything!😅

So, yesterday, we celebrated the birth of Jesus. I’m just really grateful that He came to die for us so that we can have eternal life. It’s a gift that I appreciate. Thank you, Jesus! Thank you, God!

Okay, I’m here to tell you how the 25th, the Christmas day was for me. Let’s go.Continue reading “Merry Christmas! What Christmas 2020 Was Like For Me. Blogmas Day 6”

I Prayed My Christmas Away😭- Blogmas Day 5

You know, it’s funny how for months, I’ve always wanted school to resume and now, my school released an official bulletin saying school resumes on the 26th. I do not want to go again o😭Continue reading “I Prayed My Christmas Away😭- Blogmas Day 5”

My Day In A Blog Post- 13/12/2020. Blogmas Day 4

Hiya! It’s blogmas day 4 and I’m posting in real-time and it is not Christmas-related.

Today is Sunday, I went to church and after service, choirs were asked to wait behind for rehearsals for our Christmas Carol service.

I was in church today for 7hours. Rehearsals went alright but something happened that made me realize another reason why I joined the choir.Continue reading “My Day In A Blog Post- 13/12/2020. Blogmas Day 4”