I Should Have Saved That Number!- Down Memory Lane, 2010.

I’ve had my share of good Samaritans but there’s something I regret not doing and that’s collecting their contacts and saving it. Every time I remember these people who made an impact in my life for the minutes and weeks we knew each other, I just pray for them.Continue reading “I Should Have Saved That Number!- Down Memory Lane, 2010.”

Is The Movie Coming From Insanity Worth Your While?

Since the movie King of boys blew my mind, I decided to start watching Nigerian movies, and honestly, I’m loving it! Well, there have been a few that I had to question why I wasted my data. But hey, you’re here to read my review of the movie COMING FROM IN$ANITY so, here goes!

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Is 2020, Still The School Year?

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Is 2020, still the school year?

Since the federal government has decided to play with our heads by putting out different dates for school resumption, changing those said dates, and then confusing our confusion here in Nigeria, I’ve just told myself that I can’t be bothered. The only thing I ask is that they tell us the exact date beforehand because it’ll make me plan ahead. Or don’t you agree?

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Why I’ve Been MIA

I’ve missed blogging I was just scared to come back that it took me 3 months to receive sense!!

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Hi, I am just going to waltz in here like I have not been MIA for 3 months.

First, how are you? How has May 25th till now been? I wanna know. Please indulge me in the comment section.

I’ve tried writing why I abandoned this blog so many times and the things I wrote were too long and sorta baseless and I had to accept the bitter truth that it is because I am lazy, uninterested, insecure, and confused.

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Aisosa The Wedding Planner

Hey, I am Aisosa Ogiemudia. I am a 25 year old Nigerian wedding planner. This is an open diary where I get to tell you what goes on in my life as a Nigerian wedding planner. But first, I owe it to you to tell you why I became a wedding planner.

My parents would attend ‘Owanbe’s’ almost every Saturday. When they came home, even with tiredness written all over them, I could still see the spark of excitement in their eyes. They’d show my siblings and I pictures of the couple, the event centre, everything! Let’s not forget the firewood jollof rice that came too. My siblings and I would always fight for it but trust my Bini mother(African) to carry the plate of rice and ask us to stand in line so she could give us two spoons of rice and give my baby brother(last born) what was left of it. We were jealous but what to do? Perks of being the last child, I guess.

I really liked everything about weddings. Even though I had never attended one at the time. One day, mum and dad got back from another Owanbe and just as they began showing my siblings and I pictures, I blurted out “mum, dad, I want to be an event planner, wedding planner precisely.

Being the Nigerian parents that they are, their eyes were already saying one thing but before their mouths could say it, I said it for them. “Don’t worry, I’ll still be the ‘professional’ you want me to be. Or not(whispering to myself). “Ehen!” was what they said in big relief.

Fast forward to 2020,

I am now a Nigerian wedding planner who resides in Abuja. I’m still juggling it but we move.

Oh shoot! I have a meeting with a client (two clients but since they’re getting married they’re one now, right?) now. I’ll tell you how it went later. I’ll be back but if you don’t mind, which do you prefer eating at a wedding reception? Jollof rice or small chops? Tell me in the comment section.

PS- I studied Nursing for my parents and I learnt how to plan events. Guess which is paying the bills now? Yup, you guessed right!

Talk to you later.


This is a fiction series by the way.

Love, Sylvia.

Dear Stranger

Dear Stranger,

I promise you, I low key still think about you. I was 17 when I met you and I’m sorry I acted the way I did.
I had just finished my workout session that day at old parade ground Area 10 Abuja. I was so tired. All I wanted was to enter a keke and go home but that wasn’t immediately possible. I had to walk a certain distance before I could hop on one.

I got to the bus stop, I stood for 10mins and I still couldn’t find a keke heading my way so I resorted to trekking instead of just standing there. I trekked from UTC to Area 1 junction that day. It was a long distance.

I was at the junction now and I stood for another 5-10 minutes and I still couldn’t find a keke to enter. I was a 17year old who just finished work out and even trekked some more. I was angry and almost crying and it showed on my face and then I heard you say “you do not have to frown” and when I saw your face, you had a smile on. Also, you were a corper. I wasn’t buying it at the time because I was still so tired and you were just a stranger.

We talked and I told you I was tired and I was looking for a keke to take me home. You insisted that I take a taxi home and I obliged since that was my only option at the moment. You made sure I sat in front and you stayed with me talking, waiting for the taxi to get filled up with passengers. Deep inside me, I liked that you were there but nahh my pride got the better of me. Sigh.

When the taxi got full, you asked for my name and my number and I think I remained silent or said: “I can’t give it to you”.You told me your name anyway. I watched you leave and I didn’t say thank you to you for cheering me up even when every fiber in me wanted to.

Thing is Stranger,
• When the taxi moved, I looked back but didn’t see you.
• When I got home, I regretted not giving you my number, or at least I could have told you my name cause I was like what if you were the one and I just blew it. I remember searching on Facebook and Instagram using your first name but all to no avail.
• I still think we were meant to cross paths and be partners or maybe just great friends!

Now Stranger,
• I’m sorry I didn’t say thank you for that day.
• I’m sorry that I was rude.
• Thank you so much for talking to me that day. That teenager was grateful for your help but was too naive.
• Since our encounter, I’ve learned to never ignore people until I hear what they have to say.

Dear Stranger, I really hope this meets you somehow, someday and that when it does reach you, you’d contact me, please. I hope you’re happy now and I hope God gave you all that you wanted while you served this country up until now.

Dear Stranger, thank you again.

Love, Sylvia.

I Got 10 Times My Savings.

Hiya! Sylvia here! Happy New Month. Trust you’re good? Great! Let’s get to this gist.

I opened an account with this savings app and the D-Day was fast approaching for me to withdraw my savings. So, I’ll finally withdraw the small money I saved like this. The N1,000 that I managed to save, ghen ghen!

I woke up that morning, totally forgot that it was the D-Day. I was out buying something when I remembered and I opened the app to withdraw. When I opened the app, I saw a balance of N11,123 and I was like wait, what?! Did they double the money or? ‘Cause I am not understanding.

So I chill until I get home to be sure. I was home now thanking God that maybe somehow this was a bonus when I decided to send a screenshot to my friend who also uses this app and just withdrew his savings days before. He said his didn’t work like that. There were no bonuses. Hmmm. I close and open the app again, still N11,123.

“Anyway, all na blessing”. I opened the app to withdraw my money and it asks for my BVN. Wait, what BVN? The one that I lost the sim I registered with and have no idea what the numbers are? That BVN?

Just when I was pacing, my mum calls to say “Sylvia, what’s happening with your account? The money someone sent isn’t reflecting”. Oh goodness! I immediately knew it was the app and now understood why I had N11,123 as my balance. So many questions ran through my head. Why did they take my money? Did I mistakenly save N10,000?

I called and asked why I had 10k deducted from my account and a representative said it was because of the plan I set. I set my savings goal as 10k monthly and so at my withdrawal date they withdrew my money from my account. I honestly felt that that was so not cool and unnecessary. I tried to make it make sense. “I’m going to withdraw the money today and you still take my money from my account?” Hmmm

Back to pressing matters. I had to figure out a way to get my BVN or else my mother would kill me because she already said not to join. I called my bank 20 times, no representative answered. Gosh! It was like they were out to get me.

I was crying on my bed when I remembered that I carried this bag to the bank the day I registered for my BVN. I rush to check the bag and lo and behold my BVN was sitting on a paper. Oh, glory!!

I quickly input my BVN in the app and withdrew my money. Also, I immediately changed the savings from N10,000 to N200 monthly just in case.

My mum then sends me a message via WhatsApp. She sends the alert message she received from my bank and asked what I did. Thank God for WhatsApp’s pop up feature I just went offline first to avoid shout. Lol. But I had to read her message.

I came online and read her messages and told her what happened. She interrogated me, I answered her questions and then it ended with “do not experiment with money”.

Now here’s what you should know before you use any savings app
• If you hear of an app, please be sure to read everything about it, how it works, what happens with your savings and all so you don’t get surprised like I was.
• Ask people who use the app. Ask questions. I didn’t ask I was just in a hurry to join.

If you’re seeing this post and you’re wondering what savings app this is, it’s Cowrywise and here’s my referral link if you’re ready to save money. It’s a great app, I obviously didn’t read.


Thank you!

I Miss The Days When..

Hiya! Sylvia here! So it’s day 5#WritewithOreva and this is my entry.

You know how we’d ask for things from our parents and they’d provide it sometimes and other times they wouldn’t? It got me angry when my mother would say Sylvia, you can’t have this but now I understand better.

It’s not easy o. I’m an adult now and I can tell ’cause I’ve seen what it looks and feels like.

So, I miss the days when I didn’t have to work to buy clothes, food, toothpaste, and all necessary items plus luxury. I miss the days when I’ll just dance/jump to meet my mother and say “mummy, I want this and that” without having to worry about how it’d come. I miss the days when mummy would come back with gifts for me and my brothers. We didn’t have a care in the world then but now? Lol

Look at me now though, I have to hustle if not! You know the if not.

All I want is to sleep and let just flow but ko possible. At least not in this life. I have to work to earn money now.

Sikes, I’m older now!

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It Was The First Time I…

It’s day 3 of #WritewithOreva

It was the first time I had ever been in a handbag. Wait, why am I in a handbag? Wasn’t I a full-grown woman yesterday? Suddenly I look like a leprechaun? Who put me here? I have to find a way out of this bag!

Everything inside the handbag looked so big! The notepad, the smartphone, the purse, the debit card and the bag containing selected make up items. The bag felt like a tunnel. This was strange. How is it that I slept a grown woman and woke up as a tiny being?

Suddenly, I felt a quake. Seyi picked her bag up and was ready to leave the house. Gosh, that was scary. My tiny heart raced.

As Seyi moved, she swung her hands and this affected me greatly. So this is what everything inside a bag goes through? I had to cling to a side of the bag so I do not get hurt.

I began to scream. Seyi! Seyi! Seyi! Let me out of this bag. She couldn’t hear me because you know I’m as tiny as a pen now, sad. Suddenly, Seyi came to a stop. I guess we arrived at our destination.

Will I be here for the rest of the day? Even worse the rest of my life? I was deep on thought when Seyi put her big hands inside the bag looking for something. I tried positioning myself in a way that she’d hold me but at the same time I was thinking not to get squashed so I moved to the side already accepting my fate when Seyi turns the bag upside down! ‘Gbam’ something hit my head. Seyi why?

Seyi let her hand go through everything on the table but she still didn’t see me. I managed to stand up and that was when she noticed and said Wait, what? Zina is that you?” just before she passed out. Seyi! Seyi! get up, get up!

Then I felt a tap which became continuous and I heard Seyi say Zina wake up jor I’m here. Why are you calling my name? Pheww it was a dream. Thank goodness!

To this day, I handle my handbag with care imagining that everything inside is a living thing. LOL